❄️ Snowball Writers Club

Become a prolific content creator
without burning out.

❄️ Snowball Writers Club is a 30 days cohort-based course teaching you a system to generate, test, and create content consistently.
With the support of a small accountability group and the whole community, you'll transform your habits into the routine of prolific creators.

Build the audience you deserve.

Starts 01 september 2021

Starts 01 october 2021

Join 90 Creators who joined the first Cohort

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Is this course for you?

Is this course for you?

You want to start.

You want to build an audience around content creation to support your brand, or as a solopreneur.

  • Blog & articles

  • Videos

  • Newsletters

  • Social media (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc)

You learn to be consistent over time, and what you need to focus on to grow your audience.

You are a creator.

You don't see any significant growth, you're wondering if you're doing the right thing.

  • Are you creating the right content?

  • Why people are ignoring your tweets/posts?

  • Do you have the right strategy?

This course will give you directions on setting your priorities right, and make sure you're delivering good and consistent content according to your brand.

What's in the course?

4 pillars

  • ⚙️ Setup

  • 🔥 Challenges

  • 📚 Knowledge

  • 📈 Analytics

You have a small accountability group created according to time zones. Every live session has breakout rooms with your team, and other members.


Week 1 - Iceberg

  • ⚙️ Content creation dashboard in Notion

  • ⚙️ Endless idea generation system

  • 📚 Align your content with your goals

  • 📚 Twitter growth 101

Week 2 - Snowball Fight

  • 🔥 Generate & share 10 ideas every day

  • ⚙️ Set up your daily routine

  • 📚 Learn how to catch people's attention

  • 📈 Pick your 7 best ideas according to data

Week 3 - Avalanche

  • 🔥 Publish one content per day

  • 📚 How to keep peoples' attention

  • 📚 How to engage with your community

  • 📈 Review the 7 ideas

Week 4 - Glacier

  • 🔥 Publish 2 long-format content

  • 📚 How to refine your ideas

  • 📚 How to plan & repackage content

  • 📈 30 days of data to guide you from there

  • ⚙️ Define your family, allies and mentors

Sneak peak of the content creation system

The secret recipe of success is a mix of an efficient system that you (really) use, and a routine (that you keep).
The system that we propose is a Notion template. You can keep it after the end of the course, and we recommend that you tweak it to your now taste, or you build your own.

The idea generator

Notion Template

We provide you a Notion template to capture and process ideas. You can have a glimpse at the homepage. This template is the core of the system, it's like a second brain to:

  • Capture & generate ideas

  • Process and plan your content creation

  • Refine your thinking

  • Organize your research and write impactful articles

An updated version will be released in August 2021.

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